Rhinoplasty Q&A with Dr. Sinha, Atlanta's 2013 Top Doc!
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Pradeep Sinha, MD Pradeep Sinha, MD

Rhinoplasty Q&A with Dr. Sinha, Atlanta's 2013 Top Doc!


There are many reasons one may choose to have rhinoplasty surgery. Some people don't like the nose they were born with, some don't like the way aging has changed their nose, and some could be correcting the way an injury has distorted their nose. Some people may even be trying to improve their breathing.
Whatever the reason may be, having a well-shaped nose as a result of rhinoplasty surgery can greatly improve the appearance and overall balance of your face and increase your confidence. And the more natural it looks, the better.

Rhinoplasty surgeries can be performed three different ways: either using two concealed incisions on the inside of a patient's nose, using a small "w-shaped" incision hidden in the skin between your nostrils or with a small incision where your nostrils begin to flare. But no matter what incision your surgeon chooses to use, the bone and cartilage that make up the shape of your nose are very carefully sculpted in order to achieve an ideally shaped and fully functioning nose.

Recent advancements in medicine have made rhinoplasty surgeries safer, more effective and quicker than ever before. Most rhinoplasty surgeries can be completed as outpatient procedures and use general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. You can now go home to recover the very same day on which you receive your rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty patients can go back to normal physical exercise after two weeks, and contact sports after six.

rhinoplasty-Atlanta-case5-before1-08-13-2013-04-52-01rhinoplasty-Atlanta-case5-after1-08-13-2013-04-52-01Q & A with Dr. Sinha

How many rhinoplasty surgeries have you performed?

I have performed over 3,000 rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction surgeries to date.

How do you help a patient decide whether or not to have rhinoplasty surgery?

The decision to proceed with a nose job, as with any cosmetic plastic surgery, requires planning. For all those considering rhinoplasty, I offer a private consultation in order to provide education, individualized procedure recommendations, computer imaging to communicate results visually and assistance with the financial investment of plastic surgery.

What is the biggest benefit of receiving rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty procedure can correct many aesthetic and functional BEFORE                                 AFTER                                            abnormalities of the nose. Having a well-shaped nose can inspire confidence and greatly improve the overall balance and beauty of the face. Rhinoplasty can also improve the way you breathe.


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