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Scouting out Skincare Products

What is your background, and how did you get into skincare?
I have been receiving skincare treatments since I was 18, which made me fall in love with the industry. I aim to provide exceptional results while pampering my clients.

What are some of your favorite skincare products today?
I absolutely cannot live without Revision’s Intellishade tinted daily moisturizer with SPF, Divine’s Pack Your Bags eye gel, and VI Derm Complete Care night cream.

What is the best skincare service you offer, and 
what makes it unique?
Our most popular service is our Refresh Laser Facial, as it targets several skin concerns in one visit with no pain or downtime. We layer several lasers to even skin tone, brighten, tighten and diffuse redness, and we finish with a hydrating collagen treatment.

Who are some skin conditions that can be treated 
with this service?
The Refresh Laser Facial is perfect for reducing brown spots, fine lines, redness, scars, and smoothing the skin’s texture.

What sorts of ingredients should we look for in our skincare products, and which ones should we avoid?
At Bella, we are constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest in effective, low-chemical, easy-to-use products. I like to avoid parabens and synthetics, and I always look for antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties like green tea extract.

What are the best products for protecting skin from the sun?
I highly recommend using a combination product that has antioxidants, such as a physical sunscreen blocker like zinc, and a chemical sunscreen to provide broad spectrum protection.

How early should children and/or teens begin 
a skincare regimen?
We treat clients as young as eight years old. It all depends on the client’s skin type and concerns. For maintenance treatments and facials, I recommend getting started in the early twenties.

What is a good piece of advice you give to patients who want to take good care of their skin?
Take time to investigate what your skin wants and needs as far as exfoliation, products and treatments. Everyone’s skin is different, and our skin changes with the seasons as well as age. There is amazing technology out there that can create dramatic improvements in one’s skin and greatly affect the aging process.

Alethea Tinkle is a Medical Aesthetician, Eyelash Specialist, and Educator. She owns and operates Bella by Alethea in Buckhead.

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