Spring Hair Trends
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Top Hair Trends: What's Hot for Spring

What are some of the trendy hairstyles we can expect to see this spring?
Breezy waves, unfussy braids, side parts and low ponytails. It is all about natural, undone hair that is roughed up and not too perfect.

What are the latest spring hair colors?
Ombre and reverse ombre with lots of color. Bold hair color with streaks of pastel and rainbow colors are going to be one of the most popular 2013 hair trends.

What are some hair trends or styles for a woman who wants a fresh look without a dramatic change?
Women should try parting their hair on the other side and use velero rollers (they are back in a big way). This will give hair tremendous volume on the days you don't wash it. Women can also try a semi-permanent glaze treatment that smooths and shines each strand without weighing the hair down. Another slight yet effective change is face-framing highlights.

Any new ways to dress up the classic ponytail?
Loosen a few pieces at the crown. This gives the look a soft, undone feel. Take those loose pieces and twist it into a long coil; wrapping it around the base of your ponytail to hide the elastic and lock the coil in place with bobby pines.

What are some new ways to wear braids?
1. Add a French braid along the hairline and pull everything into a low side ponytail.
2. Braid a braid across the top of the head as a headband
3. Leave a few face-framing layers out in the front, braiding the back into a loose, wide braid
4. Try the trendy rainbow fishtail braid

What can we expect to see with hair accessories?
The coolest and most daring beauty trend is the turban. This hair accessory is going to be the thing you want your hair to be whipped into place with. Not only will turbans finish off any outfit in a stylish way, but it will also hide a bad hair day in a cinch! Clips, barrettes and stylish hairpins work great to hold up buns or keep braids in place!

What are some trends with shorter hair this spring?
From the pixie cut to the short cropped and angles bobs, shorter styles continue to dominate the beauty world.

Are there any spring hair trends for men?
Men's hair trends evolve slower than their female counterparts. Some men's styles include:
1. Short waves with short curls
2. Slicked hair with a side part
3. Curly mop-top
4. Shoulder length haircut

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