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A New Woman: Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term we use to help make the vagina more youthful in appearance as well as potentially more enjoyable during intercourse. We accomplish this through both surgical and minimally invasive procedures including the "G spot" shot, labia reduction, vaginal tightening and clitoral unhooding.

What are some typical symptoms of women who opt for vaginal rejuvenation?

Some women complain of feeling their external genitalia (labia) rubbing on their jeans in an uncomfortable way, or that the appearance of their labia is very asymmetric. Some women complain that intercourse is not as enjoyable as when they were younger, noting a change after childbirth. Some women have no symptoms at all and are just curious about how we can affect their appearance and/or their enjoyment during intercourse.

CoupleWhat does the procedure involve?

If it is a problem with asymmetry or discomfort in the labia, we perform a labia reduction to make them more symmetric and hopefully less symptomatic. If there is a sensation of laxness to the vaginal canal, we perform a vaginal tightening procedure. If we are aiming to increase stimulation during intercourse, we perform a clitoral unhooding with or without a G spot shot. The G spot shot alone involves injection of a hyaluronic acid filler into the area of the G spot within the vagina augmenting its size. All of these can be done separately or together, based on the individual's wants and desires.

Is there any recovery or downtime following the procedure?

A G spot shot has minimal recovery and patients may have intercourse as early as two weeks post procedure. The more invasive procedures require two to three weeks of recovery and about three to four weeks without intercourse. If multiple procedures are performed, intercourse may need to be delayed further. We give all patients strict instructions and precautions regarding care of the area and adequate pain medication to keep them comfortable during their recovery.

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