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What are Cosmetic Veneers? and When should you get them?

What are Cosmetic Veneers?

Cosmetic veneers are thin layers of porcelain that cover the front of your teeth and wrap slightly over the back your teeth.  You can picture a veneer as being similar to an acrylic fake fingernail that covers the front of your teeth – but it is made out of porcelain.  The veneers are each custom made by hand in a dental laboratory to fit your specific bite, your teeth and your smile.  There are many shapes, colors, and variations in each veneer and it is important that you are educated on the correlation between your face shape, your teeth shape, your personality, and your lip or smile line.  Women tend to have more rounded edges on their front teeth and their canines – giving their teeth a more pretty, feminine, and softened appearance.  Men tend to have more pointed canines and more square edges and straight lines on their anterior teeth – giving their teeth a slightly more aggressive, rugged and masculine appearance.  People who are tall and thin, tend to have long thin faces and teeth that are long and thin.  People who have a wider face shape, tend to have wider teeth.  The shapes of teeth are often found to look the most esthetic when they are the inverse image of the patient’s face shape.  It is important that you are given a choice in picking veneers that will help you to best match and mirror your face shape, your smile, your personality and most importantly your image of your dream smile.

smileWhen you really study and look at teeth internally you will notice that teeth are shaped and developed by lobes.  The two front teeth are called Central Incisors and they have two large outer lobes and a smaller lobe in the middle.  There are small translucent almost purplish colored triangles that develop between the lobes that give the edges of your teeth a scalloped look.  It is that subtle nuance in the veneers that make them look natural because they mimic the translucency of real teeth.  There is also a small thin horizontal sliver that runs along the lower edge of your incisors that is whiter in shade.  It is called the Halo.  The thing that makes teeth look really beautiful is for the eye to follow, subconsciously, the colors and variations that move throughout the veneers.  The dental lab that you use to create your veneers has to be the best at being trained to mimic nature.  It is important that veneers are made by the most highly skilled lab technicians that have gone through years of extensive technical and artistic training, and scrutiny, to be considered the best!

dazzlingThe gum line around your teeth frames and arches around your teeth or veneers, much like a beautiful frame surrounds and defines a work of art.  If your gum line is uneven and asymmetrical, then your teeth will look unappealing, even if you have the best, most beautiful veneers.  Your gums need to have a scalloped and symmetrical appearance in order to create a truly dazzling smile.  It is important that the dentist you chose has an artistic eye and focuses on making you beautiful not only from a strictly dental  - veneer perspective, but from a complete and total smile perspective with an emphasis on gum line, lip line and overall aesthetics.

When should you consider veneers?

You should consider veneers when you just don't love your smile and you really want a beautiful and dazzling smile or if your teeth are broken, chipped, repaired multiple times, stained, malformed, shortened, spaced unevenly, or sized unevenly or disproportionally.  There are many things that need to be taken into consideration before moving forward on getting veneers and it is very important that your goals, your vision and the details of your specific dental needs are discussed, studied and planned out with your dentist in advance of any treatment.  Changing your Smile will change your life!!

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