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How to Properly Fit an Athletic Shoe

Why is it important to have athletic shoes professionally fitted?

Having someone fit your athletic shoe is vital to preventing injury and optimizing performance. Our Fit Specialists at New Balance Buckhead receive extensive training in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and gait analysis. After successfully completing the program, the associate becomes a PROCARE FIT SPECIALIST.

What are the most important things to look for when shopping for a new pair of running shoes?

Your running shoe needs to be designed for your foot type. Whether you are an under-pronated, a  neutral-pronated, or an over-pronated  foot type, there are shoes designed with internal pieces to help make your gait more efficient. The three main elements I look for are:

• Control in the heel
: There cannot be true support if the heel is not controlled
• Stability in the midfoot or arch
: This needs to be a snug fit around the mid foot
• Release in the forefoot: 
The forefoot should be able to flex and allow your 
body the propulsion phase to be as efficient as possible

newbalanceHow does a Fit Specialist determine the right shoe?

The Fit Specialist will determine your foot type and suggest the most optimal footwear for you. The Fit Specialist will utilize istep, our technologically advanced digital foot analysis system. Istep features 3,744 Gold plated barometric sensors, and 1,326 infrared LED’S that measure the three essential elements of your feet- foot size, arch type and pressure points.

Is a professional fit important just for running, or does it make a difference in all activity?

Activities that require more lateral support like tennis and basketball need different shoe characteristics These athletes prefer the shoe to be more snug fitting than normally suggested. Walking shoes tend to have a more rigid midfoot than running shoes, so they will perform differently and might require some sizing adjustments.

Does a properly fitted shoe offer a better workout?

A properly fitted shoe won’t do the workout for you. What it will do is reduce the chance of injury and discomfort, allowing you to maintain your regimen. It’s hard to get motivated when your feet hurt.

Mark Dobbins has over 25 years of experience in fitting, merchandising and buying footwear. He is the owner of New Balance Buckhead.

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