Balanced Eating During the Holidays
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Bethany Smith, Registered Dietitian and Community Wellness Representative Bethany Smith, Registered Dietitian and Community Wellness Representative

Guilt-free Eating During the Holidays

Did you know the average person eats about 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day alone? Add in the holiday treats, parties and cocktails during the last six weeks of the year and you'll set yourself up to be one of the average Americans who gains a pound or two over the holidays.

The key to avoiding weight gain over the holidays is finding balance. Try these tips to keep calories in from outweighing the calories out:

• Create friendly competition by giving all family members pedometers and see who can walk the most steps during December. (2000 steps equals about 1 mile, and 1 mile burns roughly 100 calories). Have all participants contribute $5 or $10 to participate and give the winner the cash.

• Rather than sitting and watching football in a food coma, take the family to the park and play with your dog, children or grandchildren. If it's chilly outside, layer your clothes and go. No excuses!

• Sign up for a holiday 5K. Even if you aren't a runner, walking a 5K burns roughly 300 calories, gets you a festive T-shirt and the energy of the crowd will ignite your holiday spirit.

• Add in a 30-60 minute walk every day for the month of December. Depending on how fast you walk and for how long, you could burn anywhere from 100-400 calories each day (enough to burn off an extra treat)!

• Plan a day-long holiday shopping excursion. Wear a pedometer and aim to walk 20,000 steps over the course of the day. 20,000 steps = 10 miles, or roughly 1000 calories (or a couple pieces of pie!).

• Challenge your friends, family and coworkers to bring healthy holiday dishes and desserts to parties and potlucks. Create a competition for the best dish or dessert with a healthy prize – like a massage or gym membership.

• Allow one treat a week instead of one treat per day. If you're normally indulging in a 100 calorie treat each day, this change could save you about 500 calories per week (or a pound over the holiday season)!

• Remember that the holidays are about being with family and friends, relaxing and having a good time. Focusing on that instead of the food will make the season more enjoyable and help you avoid any regret when you enter the new year.

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