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It Takes a Total Package to Win

Payne_bodybuilding1Whether you are just thinking about entering a bodybuilding or figure competition for the first time or you have competed  before, to get to the winner’s circle; to be successful; and  to look your absolute best you need a total package. The total package falls into place when mental toughness, nutrition, weight training, posing and the presentation of all you’ve worked for come together on a single day. To get to that point it takes a great trainer.

Plain and simple, no one can push themselves hard enough to be their best. This is not a sport you can do alone. It takes an objective eye and someone who knows what the end result is supposed to look like. This is the difference between a great trainer and an average trainer.In preparing to be your best, you want a great trainer who will be the person that can take you from start to finish. The vision they have for you includes a plan for each aspect of your training. This consists of a weight training plan, nutritional plan, cardio plan, posing, overall look, and documentation of the journey, while also providing the motivation and leadership required for you to be successful in your results. Having different leaders for the various aspects of your training program often times fails because too many people telling you different ways of how to train is confusing, overwhelming and many times not always in taking into consideration the end result.

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Training to win is a process over time. There are no short cuts. There is only commitment, consistency, sacrifice, the will to excel and the will to win. This is our philosophy. This is how we train. Providing the total package to help you win is what we do.

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