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The Secret to Getting a Toned, Beautiful Body: Abs, Glutes, Arms and Legs

bikini-picSix pack abs, definition that shows the outline of every muscle, legs that pop, a body that turns heads the minute it enters the room. You’ve seen these beautifully toned, tanned bodies on the covers of magazines, on the tv and big screen but how can you get that body? What’s the secret to looking as beautiful as the models of a bikini calendar!

First a brief introductory to the sport of bodybuilding
In a sport that has evolved from the days of “Arnold”, new categories like physique, figure and bikini have kept the sport exciting and participation has continued to increase. Like the popular bikini category for women, the male physique category has a lot of appeal because everyone wants to look great in a swimsuit.

What’s the difference between all the divisions?
We’ve witnessed years of both men and women bodybuilders getting bigger and bigger. The sport of bodybuilding originated with the development of muscle into a symmetrical piece of art. While there are those who continue to aspire to the bodybuilding stage with the biggest and best muscle; the sport itself has evolved to also include physique, figure and bikini divisions. Bodybuilders are judged on a balance of size, symmetry and muscularity.

Jessica ThomasAmy MartinThe idea behind Male Physique is to have an athletic/ model look with a big back and tapered waist and an overall aesthetically pleasing look to the eye. The men wear board shorts in this category. Female Physique strives to bring back the look of Rachel McLish & Cory Everson; a more feminine look with a tiny waistline, a muscular look but still pleasant to look at in a posing suit. Symmetry, shape, proportion, muscle tone, poise and beauty flow are all taken into consideration when these women are on the stage.

Figure Competitors take their look one step further towards a more feminine look with a smaller degree of muscularity than the female physique competitors and have separation but no striations. These ladies have overall muscle tone with shapely lines, overall firmness but are not excessively lean.  They will have a tiny waist, healthy appearance, make up and good skin tone. They wear the two-piece posing suit with heels but their suits are embellished with swarvorski crystals and they wear jewelry. Figure competitions appeal most to women who want to compete in a body competition, but wish to avoid Fitness shows’ additional athletic and creative demands (for the routines round), or bodybuilding’s demands for heavy muscle mass.

Gabrielle FundaroJason ParkBut it is the Bikini Competitors that have drawn the greatest amount of attention in recent years because most women secretly desire to look great in a bikini that is embellished and tiny but totally flattering to their bodies. In addition, they want to walk in those high heels all tanned and made up, enter a room and have everyone say “WOW!”

It doesn’t have to be just for the models anymore; it can be you. You don’t have to take it to the stage, but you can look like you could. And if you decide you want to put it out there on the stage; with numerous organizations, a wide variety of height and weight classes and classifications from teenage and novice to super heavyweight and super grand masters there is truly something for everyone.

tim robinsonWhat does it take to get there?
It takes commitment and a good plan. Do your research. Take a look at who is taking his clients to new heights and you will find, Personal Trainer and Posing Coach Steve Payne, co-owner of House of Payne Personal Training. Steve is a certified personal trainer and will be taking his test for certification by the IAFS at the end of July. The International Association of Fitness Sciences (IAFS) is designed to certify trainers at an international level and is recognized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB), The National Physique Committee (NPC), The World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (WAAAM), The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) and Judson University. He is one of the top experts in competition training in Atlanta and Georgia. “The presentation is the most important factor in winning in this sport. You can look great but if you can’t show it on stage, then someone else is going home with the trophy.” Steve has competed in numerous shows himself in the past. Now retired from competition, he knows what it takes to win and his expertise includes the competition training program plus being able to show others the adjustments necessary to make their posing better, mentally preparing his competitors and strategically planning his clients’ competition schedule in order to help them achieve their goals. On Saturdays, Steve can be found at House of Payne Personal Training conducting FREE posing practice for bodybuilding, physique, figure and bikini competitors. We welcome any competitor to come out and get practice on our stage. It helps the competitors gain confidence, it promotes and encourages the sport, and it raises the level of competition.

But how does this help me?
Train with the trainer who invest in his clients, commit to the plan he gives you and you will have the toned beautiful body you always wished for. That’s the secret.

For more information on our expert connection you may contact Steve Payne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 678.641.9189.

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Steve Payne is a certified personal trainer and is currently studying under the program developed by 8-time Mr. Olympia Champion Lee Haney. A continuing education process gaining knowledge in both personal training at an international level as well as specializing in bodybuilding. Steve has participated in the sport of bodybuilding since 1991. He also has a masters degree in International Business from Georgia State University and currently trains competitors from all levels, beginners to nationally ranked NPC competitors.