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Carrie Heller, MSW, LCSW Carrie Heller, MSW, LCSW Founder and Director

Circus Arts, the New Fun Way to Get Fit!

Circus Arts is becoming a new fad in the fitness world – It is a new, unusual, and fun way to get in shape and stay in shape. I call my adult fitness classes "Circus Arts Fitness".


The combination of the circus arts and fitness works so well because to be an aerialist, one has to have a very strong core as well as unusually strong upper and lower body muscles. Gaining this muscle strength through a Circus Arts Fitness regimen is unique in that aerialists are lifting their own body weight or another person's body - much more interesting than dumbbells!  Not only does Circus Arts Fitness increase strength, it also improves flexibility, coordination, and balance.

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My Circus Arts Fitness classes offer low trapeze, rope climbing with tricks, circus rings, circus silks, tightwire walking, juggling, partner acrobatics, and more.  All students follow a "skills sheet" and learn new tricks each week. It is a very unique and fun way to work out….you are busy learning new tricks, all the while holding your body in space and turning it upside down, no less!!

Finally, I have to mention, especially since I am also a therapist, that Circus Arts is also a self-esteem building experience. The feeling of personal achievement that comes with learning a new trick and the experience of group success that comes with learning a new group stunt leaves my students with an overall "I THINK I CAN" feeling after every class

Circus Arts Fitness is literally a fantastic 'pick me up' workout!


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