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The hCG Weightloss Program

With the national obesity rate reaching alarming heights, new diets are introduced; some with better results than others.

One such diet is the hCG diet which combines a restrictive diet and the hormone hCG (Human Choronic Gonadotropin). As seen on the Dr. Oz show, hCG is a hormone that is secreted by pregnant women to ensure their fetus gets all the nutrients it needs to develop properly. In the 1950’s Dr. Simeons  found that small doses of the natural hormone hCG, commonly found in high amounts in pregnant women, as well as small amounts in the adrenal glands, could decrease appetites and shave down inches on his overweight patients (both men and women).

Fast forward to the present. One of the main concerns about hCG since the inception of the diet, the market has been flooded with supplements that claim they include the appetite suppressing hCG. When in reality many of these products have low to no trace of the hormone. The only way to get an effective dosage strength for long term weightloss is to have it prescribed by a medical doctor. This form of hCG is administered through daily injections of the hormone. “With proper medical supervision, the diet is safe,” says Dr. Alise Jones-Bailey.

Many physicians who specialize in medical weightloss are working with individuals who are trying to lose weight in a short period of time, promoting a long term lifestyle change. Many of these patients find that the hCG diet has worked well. Dr. Jones-Bailey says “hCG works by telling the part of the brain which controls fat metabolism and storage to start burning fat instead of protein when the calories are reduced. The restrictive diet of 500 calories a day sustains the individual because the body is using up fat stores as energy while the hCG represses the feeling of hunger. The net effect is weight loss that can range from 3-6 lbs a week in both men and women. By resetting the hypothalamus to a new low default point, which minimizes carb cravings, an ongoing low carb diet is achievable long term.”

Dr. Jones-Bailey further explains,  “There is preliminary evidence from a small study done  on clinically obese adults which notes that calorie restriction decreases insulin levels, thyroid and DNA damage. These markers are believed to promote longevity.”

At the Equilibrium Weight Loss and Longevity Centers we promote a healthy lifestyle which includes hCG weight loss and hormone balancing. For your convenience we now have 2 locations, Atlanta and Roswell.

baDr. Alise Jones-Bailey is a graduate of Morehouse Medical School in Atlanta, Ga where she received her doctrate of Medicine. She is not only board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology she is also fellowship trained in Anti-Aging and Functional and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Alise as she is referred by her patients, has a true passion for anti-aging and weight loss medicine for men and women. She has successfully practiced in the Atlanta metro area for the past 20 years and is currently the Medical Director at Equilibrium Weight Loss and Longevity Centers in Georgia.

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