Hormones and Strength Training
The Exercise Coach
Strength Training for Better Hormone Health

Strength Training for Better Hormone Health

If you are a personal training client of The Exercise Coach, you have no doubt heard our mantra "Muscle quality matters more than movement quantity". If you incorporate safe, effective, intense strength training into your exercise regime, you can change your overall health and longevity including the levels of important hormones.

We know that high intensity exercise helps stimulate the body's production of a hormone called the human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone is important as it has been known to help slow the aging process! HGH also helps our bodies build muscle and burn fat, so it is critical to help build metabolism and fight sarcopenia— the decrease of muscle mass occurring as a natural part of the aging process.

Epinephrine is also a hormone released during high intensity exercise. Its release results in increased energy by stimulating the release of glucose and accelerating the use of glycogen within the muscle. This process helps create better muscle quality improvements, helps lower long term blood pressure, and also increases energy.

By combining healthy nutrition with Right Intensity Training™, we can also regulate the balance between the very important hormone insulin and glucagon. Healthy insulin levels are critical to maintain healthy and stable blood sugar levels, lower body fat, and feel better. At The Exercise Coach we have helped many people improve insulin levels, reverse type II diabetes and lose weight.
So when exercising, do not forget the critical role muscle quality, or strength training, plays in overall health and longevity, because "muscle quality is way more important than movement quantity"!

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