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LaWanda Brokenborough LaWanda Brokenborough

Jump off the pounds while protecting the joints

Originally designed by a Swiss engineer for use in physical therapy, Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes allow wearers to burn up to 20 percent more calories, reduce joint impact by up to 80 percent, increase cellulite reduction and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Shoes are provided for classes. Routines are choreographed to upbeat music with easy to follow moves allowing users to get comfortable with the shoes and move in multidimensional directions. Kangoo Power classes are guaranteed to challenge even the fittest of athletes and many of participants have found relief from joint pain.

KangooIn addition to classes, Kangoo Jumps can be worn on pavement, dirt trails, and even snow or sand. LaWanda ran the Peachtree Road Race and 2 half marathons in Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes.
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LaWanda Brokenborough
Kangoo Power instructor
Kangoo Club Atlanta

After teaching over 14,000 fitness classes, LaWanda Brokenborough found her knees were severely damaged. Discovering Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes saved her joints and career. She's now a licensed Kangoo Power instructor for Kangoo Club Atlanta, teaching at multiple locations.

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