Lipotherme for Bodysculpting
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Donald Alfred Ruf, MD Donald Alfred Ruf, MD

Eliminate Unwanted Fat This Summer

With all of the new liposuction and bodysculpting methods available today, how can you tell which is best suited for you?
The doctors decide what machine or machines will do the best job for the patient. We are fortunate at our practice because we can treat patients of all sizes thanks to all of the machines and technology our office has. Many lipo practices are limited to only one modality and must make do with that machine for every body type, and in the end, the patient does not get the best results.

What is lipotherme, and how is it different from other methods of liposuction?
Lipotherme is a machine that uses heat to destroy the fat cells and tighten the skin. Usually this machine is used on smaller patients or women that need a lot of skin tightening. Vaser lipo will do the same, and because it is ultrasound, it will also tighten the skin, just not as effectively as lipotherme. PAL and VENTX are two machines that we use to effectively remove large amounts of fat in the smallest amount of time. Many times we will use two to three modalities, depending on the patient's problem areas.

How does lipotherme work?
Lipotherme works by destroying fat cells with heat. Fat cells cannot reproduce, so once they are destroyed, they are gone for good.  All of our patients are comfortable during the procedure. No one is put under general anesthesia, so the recovery is easier and the cost is less.

Is there any pain or discomfort associated with lipotherme?
You are sore the following day once the tumescent wears off.

Are there any risks or side effects with lipotherme?
There are always risks, but they are minimal. We have never had any complications that required medical treatment with liposuction.

What types of results can patients expect?
Patients can expect to see more definition and skin tightening. Results are permanent as long as the patient maintains their weight. If a patient gains weight, fat cells in other areas of the body will fill up.


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