More Than A Fad Diet
Good Measure Meals™
Ashley Ritchie, Registered Dietitian  Ashley Ritchie, Registered Dietitian

Good Measure Meals(TM) vs. Fad Diets

What is Good Measure Meals™?
Good Measure Meals™ (GMM) prepares and delivers healthy calorie and portion-controlled meal plans of gourmet quality. The meal plans can be used for weight loss or management of certain chronic illnesses associated with obesity. They are also a convenient option for those who don’t have the time to cook. The unique aspect of GMM is that 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of our meals go directly to Atlanta nonprofit Open Hand.  

What makes GMM different from other fad diets?
Fad diets promise rapid weight loss without physical activity, and are very restrictive when it comes to calories or even certain food groups. While GMM food is calorie-managed to support healthy and sustainable weight loss, we don’t cut corners on taste and nutritional quality.

Does your program really work?
One of our favorite success stories is Rebecca Barnes. Rebecca started on our meal plan as a contestant of Atlanta’s Biggest Loser. She lost 40 pounds during the competition and another 60 pounds since. Rebecca ate regularly and kept up a good exercise program. Her commitment and our meals made the difference. 

What additional resources does GMM offer to its customers?
We have several Registered Dietitians (RDs) and qualified food and nutrition experts to assist customers on their weight management journey. With our Comprehensive Nutrition Consult (CNC), customers meet with an RD who analyzes their nutritional wellbeing and lifestyle to provide an individualized nutritional plan.

What type of food is included in the meal plan?
There is a tremendous variety of food - enough to satisfy anyone’s palate. The menu runs on a five-week cycle, so customers never get bored, and they change twice a year to include fresh, seasonal items, like summer salads or winter squash.

How does the meal plan work?
There are four calorie ranges: 1200, 1400, 1700 and 2100. Customers who opt for these will receive three meals per day and some snacks to fulfill these calories. Meals can be ordered for five or seven days of the week, and if a full meal plan isn’t necessary, customers can order the dinners only. Meals can be ordered weekly or monthly. There are four types of meal plans: Healthy Selection, Healthy Selection without seafood, Diabetic Plan and Vegetarian Plan. Ordering GMM is simple and can be done via phone or online.

Where are the meals cooked, and how fresh are they when they reach me?
The meals are prepared and cooked locally in Midtown Atlanta using the freshest ingredients available. Meals are delivered fresh, never frozen or dehydrated. Customers can choose to have these delivered to a pick up location, or to their homes for an additional charge, twice a week.

baWhat benefits can GMM customers expect from the meal plan?
The reassurance that they are achieving their health goals in a healthy (and tasty!) manner without gimmicks or concern. Having more time, peace of mind and the support from nutrition experts is a sure way to find sustainable success!

Ashley Ritchie is a registered dietitian with GMM.  Ashley develops and presents nutrition education sessions and cooking classes in the community.  She has a passion for teaching people about nutrition and healthy cooking.  She truly believes “we are what we eat” and in the healing effects of food.

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