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How to Make a Difference in Your Body in 7 Steps


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#1 Exercise Your Right to Choose

Choose to take control of your life and accept responsibility for those choices. You choose your attitude and a positive attitude can have a powerful effect. It will allow you to envision your success.


#2 Choose to Make Healthy Choices

We crave that which we cannot have. The choice isn’t whether or not to have “the Chocolate bar” but whether or not we want to make a healthy choice. The more often you make the healthy choice, the easier it gets.


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#3 Put You On Your To Do List

• Schedule Your Workouts

• Plan Your Routine

• Prepare

• Make Yourself A Priority

• Keep Your Commitment

Commitment empowers you to build the consistency that will enable you to follow through the next time. That consistency will help you build strength, endurance and the momentum to keep going.


#4 Changing Your Body is a Process

In order to be successful, you should plan for lasting changes. Set realistic goals enabling you to stick with your program.


#5 What’s Your Motivation

• Promise yourself a reward

• Remind yourself of your goals

• Recognize each day is different

Each day may require a different reason to keep you motivated. You need to discover what that is.


#6 Ask For What You Want

Most restaurants are aware of people’s health limitations and offer healthier alternatives on the menu or will take special request if you ask.


#7 Set Yourself Up for Success Instead of Failure

  • Stock up on good food choices
  • Get rid of junk food.
  • Prepare your food ahead of time.
  • Plan meals & schedule for the week.

Taking time now makes it easier on you to stick with the program.

To get started on your fitness program, enlist the help of a personal trainer. Not only can they show you safe and proper mechanics and training techniques, but a trainer also provides accountability and motivation. Wishing you good luck and good training.


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