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Larry Blomberg Larry Blomberg Swimming Coach and Expert

Freestyle Technique for Triathlete

Technique is a crucial component of triathlon swimming.  When you double your effort in the water the water’s power and resistance multiplies times eight.  So apply your hard work and discipline to technique as you build up your stamina, strength and speed.

A relaxed approach can help you improve your swimming. Your training plan will have to include getting the confidence, endurance and strength to complete the distance you plan to race. This will not get done overnight, but as you embark on your triathlon journey learn good technique.  As corny as it sounds, take the path of least resistance. 
As you work on technique give yourself plenty of rest.   At this initial stage of learning reasonable rest equates to something like 30 – 60 seconds between items. More can be taken between sets.  Enough rest must be taken to perform the skill properly and with balance. Allow your heart rate to come down before you start the next swim. When your heart rate returns to an active rest level start swimming again.  With a consistent approach you will build endurance to help you in all three events. The best news is that you will do it with the best possible technique. Doing proper drills during every warm up is a great way to do this.


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