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4 Week Fitness Jump-Start!



It's a new year, and one of the most common New Year's resolutions is weight loss. At least 60 percent of people that set out to accomplish their New Year's resolution fitness plans fall off by March. Make this a successful year by achieving all of your fitness goals to reveal the new you!
Attack this month head on with these weekly tips.


001Create a Plan – Use your smartphone or a notepad to write out your short-term and long-term fitness and health goals. These can be weight loss goals and the number of days you will commit to working out. Make sure your goals are realistic so that you set yourself up for success!

Establish baseline measurements – Track your progress with pictures and weekly weigh-ins.
Use your favorite smart phone app to log your activity – Keeping a daily log of the food you eat and your daily activities will hold you accountable in executing your fitness plan.

Write out your meal plan for the week – Eat healthy throughout the day by planning and packing your weekly menu for all meals (three small meals and two to three snacks).


Review your fitness goals to see if you are on track based on the plan you created last week. If you are, great! Continue to execute your plan! If you were off target, go back to your goals and set intentions that are so important to you that you will have to stick to them. Then, attack your plan. You can do this!


You may feel as though you should have reached your goals yesterday but aren't seeing the level of results you imagined. Remember that change occurs with consistent behavior and a high level of commitment. This week, focus on flawless execution by completing all of your workouts and eating healthy.

Healthy Eating Tips to remember this week:

  • Eat breakfast prior to leaving home in the morning
  • Pack your meals, keep them with you and remember to eat every two to 2 1/2 hours
  • Eliminate bread, processed foods and drinks, butter and fried foods
  • Stick to whole, fresh foods and lean meat like fish
  • and chicken


You've proven to yourself that you have the discipline to stay consistent with workouts and healthy eating habits, and now you are seeing results! This week, kick it up a notch by adding 10 additional minutes of cardio at each session. With consistency, you will reach your goals and see the new you!

Happy New Year and Always Live Your Best Life!


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Lisa Tanker-Potts is the owner of Boutique Body Fitness Studio located in the Grant Park District of Atlanta. Lisa is considered the guru of fitness for women seeking to enhance their lives through fitness, and has helped thousands of women achieve healthy lifestyles and get the physique of their dreams.

Lisa's trademark is her positive attitude, warm energy and her expertise in training women of all ages. Lisa's upbeat spirit and ability to make every client feel exclusive has quickly propelled her to be a top sought after fitness trainer, speaker and lifestyle expert.

After earning a Master of Business, Master of Health Administration and working eight years in the pharmaceutical sales industry, Lisa decided to follow her passion of helping women to get fit and healthy by becoming a personal trainer.

Lisa has been a regular guest on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta, on the Jennifer Keitt 104.1FM show and on the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Lifestyle blog. Lisa has also been a featured speaker at the BGR National Convention, Transforming Women and Entrepreneurs Conference and the Jennifer Keitt Empowerment Conference.


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