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I frequently remind people, “Remember to eat your chocolate!”  We have all seen articles on dark chocolate being healthy.  We love justifying that dark chocolate treat.  The good news is, with Xocai (“show-sigh”), Antioxidant Healthy Chocolate, it is actually recommended that you eat it three to four times a day!  Why?  Because it is completely GUILT FREE chocolate that is loaded with antioxidants!  Here are some questions people frequently ask me.

What makes Xocai different from any other dark chocolate you may buy at the store?
Great question!  It is like asking, “Do you get more nutrients eating your vegetables raw or boiled?”  Everyone knows you lose about half the nutrients when vegetables are cooked.  Cocao is no different; it is a vegetable.  Other chocolate companies cook the cocao bean.  Xocai uses a patented cold process.  The cocao in Xocai products is non-alkalized, unfermented, sun-dried, non-roasted and, most importantly, cold pressed.  This patented process produces cocoa powder that has antioxidants with twice the levels in other dark chocolates.  Plus all of the Xocai chocolate is infused with the acai berry, a super fruit that is also frequently in the media, thanks to Oprah and Dr. Oz.


Every product on the shelf seems to claim it contains antioxidants. How does the consumer know how many antioxidants a product actually has?
This is such an important question because not all antioxidant products are created equal.  “Several kinds of tests are used to measure a food’s antioxidant power, another reason for the multiplicity of findings.  The most popular test is Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC).  ORAC measures an antioxidant’s ability to protect against the most common free radical in human plasma...” (CNN, 2008)

Read the labels!  If it is a quality antioxidant product, it should absolutely state the ORAC value on the  label.  All Xocai products are tested for their ORAC score by Brunswick Labs, an independent laboratory that certifies the ORAC content of foods and products for consumer education.  This certification program is an authoritative quality assurance system that tests and certifies three times a year that the Xocai products contain the stated ORAC and Flavonoid values.  “The Brunswick Labs Seal assures consumers that they are getting one of nature’s premiere antioxidant-rich foods.” (Brunswick Labs)

How do I learn more about Xocai?
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How do I get Xocai?
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Remember to eat your Healthy Chocolate! There are hundreds of studies focusing on cocoa demonstrating that cocoa and chocolate can be an important component of a healthy lifestyle.  Dozens of scientific journals have published research on the health benefits of cocao, cocoa and chocolate.  Don’t take my word for it --- “google” dark chocolate antioxidants and see how much information is available!  In the words of Steven Warren, M.D., D.P.A. upon summing up Xocai, “Chocolate is good for you.  This dark, cold-pressed chocolate has the highest amount of nutrients available.”

Caroline King is a distributor for the most potent antioxidant superfood available: Xocai Healthy Chocolate - dark unprocessed cacoa, over 1,000 flavonoids and the antioxidant equivalent to three cups of blueberries.  Visit to learn about health properties and career opportunities with our growing company, or call Caroline at (404) 966-2078.