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Good Measure Meals
Julie Shipkoski, RD, Catherine Izzo, RD, Justin Wills, Executive Chef Julie Shipkoski, RD, Catherine Izzo, RD, Justin Wills, Executive Chef

Preparation is Key to a Healthy & Delicious Meal

What does it take to create a fabulous, delicious, 
healthy menu?
It takes culinary skill, creativity, and innovative solutions to develop affordable, healthful and flavorful meals.  There are many steps in the process:
• New product ideation
   - Recipe formulation with careful attention to healthful ingredients and depth of flavor
   - Determination of best cooking methods and techniques to maximize flavor
• Nutritional analysis
   - Reformulation as necessary to ensure adherence to nutritional targets
• Costing of the recipe
  - Inclusion of the recipe in menu planning – meal composition considerations include color, textural contrast, flavor profiles, variety in the menu, etc.
  - Continuous quality improvement – ongoing product review and response to customer feedback to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

What happens first?
Our staff of experienced food professionals work individually and as a team and draw upon the following to develop concepts:
Feedback from customers, culinary experience, inspiration from touring local food markets, restaurant association activities, food trends in the marketplace, and tried and true family recipes.

Who does what?
The Research & Development Chef translates meal ideas into recipe concepts.

Together the R & D Chef, Executive Chef, Culinary Staff, Food Services Manager and Registered Dietitians create recipes that maximize flavor and optimize nutrition.

The R & D Chef and Executive Chef determine best cooking methods and techniques.

The R & D Chef and Food Services Manager, both RDs, optimize the nutritional integrity of our products through healthful selection of ingredients, detailed nutritional analyses and careful attention to portion control.

The Daily Product Review Team, Customer Service and Marketing weigh in on which products make the final cut for the seasonal menu launches.

How many times is a recipe tested?
Every recipe is tested until the R & D Team, Nutrition Services, Marketing and Customer Service are confident a recipe will exceed our quality standards and customer expectations.

How long does it take to balance a meal?
Many things have to be considered when balancing a meal - adherence to our strict nutritional targets, meal composition, portion size, the composition of the other meals served that day  – so it actually takes several weeks for the achievement of proper balance.

How many people are involved in the whole process?
If you were to count – hundreds:  our Customers, our Registered Dietitians, Food Services Manager, R & D Chef /RD, our AWESOME Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef and Culinary Staff, Production and Kitchen Managers, Purchasing  and Receiving Personnel, Customer Service, Business Development Team, Marketing and Finance.

Good Measure Meals

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Good Measure Meals™ is a local Atlanta company that prepares and delivers fresh, healthy, delicious meal plans for people who want to lose weight, manage a health condition or who are just too busy to prepare well-balanced meals for themselves.  GMM is also dedicated to providing support services and nutrition education to its customers and the public at large.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of GMM meal plans support Atlanta nonprofit Open Hand community nutrition programs, which are provided free of charge to homebound seniors and individuals battling chronic or critical illness.

For more information about Good Measure Meals, visit the website at www.GoodMeasureMeals.com