Alzheimer’s Disease
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Alzheimer’s Disease: Researching Tomorrow’s Treatments

Whether you are a caregiver or patient, you know already that Alzheimer's Disease affects us all. 5.2 million Americans (of all ages) have Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death beating breast and prostate cancers combined. Approximately 500,000 people will die this year from Alzheimer's. Every 67 seconds someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer's and a gray tsunami is coming. Unfortunately, no new drug therapies have been approved for Alzheimer's in well over 10 years.

Dr-SambunarisIn addition to working with your regular physician, those struggling with Alzheimer's can take an important step in combating this incurable disease by participating in a clinical trial. Being part of a trial lets you become an active participant, doing all you can to fight the progression of your disease while helping others including medical science advance our treatments and understanding of this devastating disease.

According to the Alzheimer's Association ( people involved in clinical studies do somewhat better than people in a similar stage of their disease who are not enrolled in a study, regardless of whether the experimental treatment works. This may be due to the general high quality of care provided during clinical studies.



Q&A with Dr. Angelo Sambunaris
From the Institute for Advanced Medical Research

Why do people participate in a clinical research study?
People participate in clinical research for a variety of reasons. Those who volunteer are oftentimes seeking access to potentially promising medicines long before they are approved for the marketplace. By participating in medical research participants typically will receive excellent research level care from the investigating physicians during the course of the study.

What are the benefits of medical research participation?
There are lots of reasons to participate. When you are enrolled in a study, you receive things like VIP-level diagnostic evaluations including a thorough diagnostic assessment by an expert in the field, clinical testing and a complete physical examination. Clinical oversight means the team takes an interest in your total health, not just the disorder that brought you in the door. You get support and medical supervision at no cost and you may help society access new drugs currently not available to the general public.

Dr. Angelo Sambunaris has been a leader in the field of clinical research for over two decades. Prior to founding the Institute for Advanced Medical Research in 1989, he led clinical research teams at Solvay and Bayer Pharmaceutical. He also served as Lieutenant Commander, Research Officer Group United States Public Health Services at the NIMH.

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