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Best Bras for the New Year

Q: This month you're focused on New Year, New You! How does getting a new bra fit into that?

A: Most women don't realize how much a great fitting bra can change their lives! Not only does it improve your posture by providing support and decreasing discomfort, it also increases your self-esteem. If your New Year's resolution is working on YOU, start with your foundations at LiviRae Lingerie!

Q: Is it important to get a fitting if you're only shopping for a sports bra?

A: Yes! Sports bras, though often overlooked, are a very important addition to your bra wardrobe. Exercise can cause your breasts to bounce up and down and in a circular motion. That type of repetitive motion can cause pain, soreness and even sagging. We also suggest that women always buy a cup sized sports bra instead of the basic small, medium, or large sizes that most stores carry. Protecting and caring for your breast tissue is extremely important, and wearing the right sports bra can help you do just that!

Best-Self-NYE-Badge-1Q: How do you ensure that each customer gets the perfect fitting bra?

A: About 85 percent of women are wearing a bra that is two bands too big and two cups too small. The band of the bra is the most important piece, so that's always the first thing we check. We take time during fittings to educate women about bra fit for bust health. We allow our customers to try on different bra options and styles to help them find the perfect fit.

Q: Do you think that an ill-fitting bra can lead to health issues?

A: Yes. When a bra does not fit correctly, women carry extra pressure in their shoulders, causing indentations, neck pain, back pain and, in the long term, the Dowagers hump. If the wire rests on the breast tissue instead of flat against the rib cage, that pressure can also cause calcification of the cells within the breast tissue.


RIBBONs-019New Year, New You at LiviRae Lingerie!

Founded by Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker in 2006, LiviRae Lingerie is a place where women of all shapes and sizes can shop for gorgeous lingerie in a judgment-free zone. Their primary mission is to help women at any age receive the proper education about bra fit. Carrying bra sizes from 30A – 50N, LiviRae Lingerie fits everybody with every body! Their tag line says it all: "No Bust Too Big or Small, We Fit 'Em All!"

LiviRae Lingerie is located in Kennesaw, Georgia and provides a lingerie experience that helps women feel confident and comfortable. LiviRae Lingerie specializes in bra fitting, custom lingerie, plus size bras and specialty products such as augmentation and mastectomy bras.

If your New Year's resolution is to take better care of yourself, what better place to start than the foundations of your daily wardrobe? Let us help you feel lifted and gifted in 2015!


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More on this topic: « Healthy Bust, Healthy You