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Healing Waters Colon Hydrotherapy

Healing Waters Colon Hydrotherapy

In 1984, Ilan Irie opened Healing Waters Jamaica, a family-owned and operated business, which he had for nearly 10 years. And although the clean air and water from the Blue Mountains of Port Antonio, Jamaica continue to be an ideal setting for Ilan, his return to Atlanta has been a continual blessing for many here in the states.

During this time, Ilan began a series of colonics to obtain optimum health. Years of supplements, natural food, and fasting increased his health considerably, but he still felt unbalanced. This is when Ilan decided to turn to the practice of inner cleansing.
Although impressed with colon therapy, Ilan felt a need for a personal approach. Two important techniques seemed to be missing: One, each session should begin with reflexology as recommended by Dr. Norman Walker. And two, each colonic session should end with intestinal flora.

Ilan graduated from the Dotola Institute with a Colon Hydrotherapy Hygienist degree. He is a certified reflexologist and is certified by the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy. In addition, he is also a founding member of the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy.

Having performed over 5,000 colonic procedures, Ilan uses the most advanced equipment available. The PPC-101 Clinical from Clearwater Hydrotherapy is 100 percent disposable, with filtered water, U.V. disinfection, Fluoride free, and ozone purification.

Having a colonic is important because it collects and removes toxic waste from the body, which is a natural breeding ground for bacteria. A compacted or sluggish colon is often responsible for headaches, obesity, insomina, and poor sexual response, to list a few.
Nature's law of preservation and hygiene require and insist that this sewage system be cleansed regularly.

There are three ways to clean the colon with hydrotherapy:

Enema: very useful for many therapies including coffee, wheat grass or probiotic infusions.

Colema: a continual flow enema device where the client releases waste/water through a hole in the table. Colema systems are commonly called "open systems."

Colonics: A "closed-system," which sets it apart from the enema or colema. Colonics clean the entire colon well enough to become an approved method for colonoscopy prep.


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