Essentials of Pet Health
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Caring for your Pet's Health

How often should my pet get a check-up from 
his veterinarian?
Red Bandanna supports a yearly physical checkup of all the family pets. There may be specific issues that would mandate more frequent visits such as trauma, injury, or noticeable changes in behavior or personality, in gait or walking behavior. These are usually pretty obvious when they occur and you should seek a physical assessment from your veterinary professional.  

How often should I check my pet for fleas, ticks, 
lumps and bumps?
You should check for pests and “hangers-on” every time you interact with your pet. We have a saying at Red Bandanna - if you’re going to pet your dogs and cats, then brush them! This is the best way to keep their coats knot-free, aired-out, in great shape, and free of dander and pests. Lumps, bumps, fat packs and other sub-dermal tissues need to be regularly assessed, measured and monitored. 

What are some easy ways to improve my pet’s diet?
Our motto is, “All natural pet foods for the LIFE of your pets!” “LIFE” to us means so many things: health, behavior, lifestyle, activity, mental wellbeing, and of course, the holistic care and maintenance of your pets. Additionally, in simply feeding smaller portions of a more nutritious diet the food last longer, so you save money!  Red Bandanna provides foods and supplements from a number of different manufactures, as well as our own line of oven-baked products, that will help enhance your pet’s current diet or fully convert them over to an all-natural diet. 

How should I be caring for my pet’s dental health?
Just as it is for us, daily teeth and gum brushing is vital for prevention of periodontal diseases, tooth rot and bad breath for your pets. Pets can be trained over time using reward-based practices to get used to daily dental maintenance.
How often should I take my pet to be professionally groomed?
Red Bandanna believes that all pets could benefit from a good professional cleaning once or twice a year, but unless you have a breed that is prone to coat issues or difficult to clean, washing your pet can easily be done by the owner.     

What are some good “go-to” tools to have on 
hand for my pet?
Red Bandanna recommends that everyone have a good first aid kit on hand. We suggest gauze, wraps and tape for immediate wound protection. If your pet is out in the woods a lot, use a good pair of tweezers to help remove any objects that may be imbedded in between their pads. Red Bandanna sells natural ear lotion and wipes to help keep your pet’s ears clean, as well as a full line of supplemental products to insure your pets’ optimum health!

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This Article is written by Diane Beaty, who is district manager for Red Bandanna Pet Foods, Inc.

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