Having the “Conversation” with Aging Parents
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Debra Taylor, RN Debra Taylor, RN

Having the “Conversation” with Aging Parents

How do you know when it's time to have the "conversation" with aging parents?
Some signs to look for are depression, recent falls or injuries, long term illness, not being able to take care of activities of daily living (ADLs), weight loss, not taking medications, burning food or leaving on burners in the home.

What are the issues that should take priority?
A majority of seniors are now planning for the future and have discussed or planned their wills and finances. Health care usually takes the back seat to these items because this is an unknown for most seniors unless they have a serious health condition to begin with.

barWhat is the best way to approach the subject of moving to an assisted living facility?
Getting a calendar of activities as well as pictures of the well-appointed apartments can be helpful. It's important to emphasize that they will be moving to a "community" and not a "facility" where they can participate in activities and enjoy living with their peers.

What are some strategies for dealing with a parent who is resistant to change?
Remind the senior that they won't have to worry about their safety or being alone anymore. At Renaissance on Peachtree, there are licensed caregivers available to residents 24/7, and they always have someone to talk to and do activities with. Emphasize how nice it will be not to deal with housework or yard work, and stress the convenience of having someone else prepare their meals every day. We always encourage prospective residents to join us for a meal so they have an opportunity to try our food, meet our staff and mingle with our residents.

restaurantWhat are the most important things to look for when selecting an assisted
living facility for aging parents?

Go to these places unannounced and visit several so you get a feel for what the environment and staff is like. Are there residents in the lobby sleeping, or are they visiting and having fun? Taste the food and look at an activity calendar. Talk to current residents while taking the tour and note the odor and cleanliness of the community. Utilize the Internet to look for comments on the community, or check out the last state survey result. The family needs to feel that the staff and community will keep their loved one safe and well cared for.

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Debra Taylor is a Registered Nurse and serves as Corporate Health and Wellness Director at Leisure Care.
Crystal Spradley is a Registered Nurse and serves as Health and Wellness Director at The Renaissance on Peachtree.