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Dr. Gene Clerkin Dr. Gene Clerkin Center Director

Chronic Health Problems

If you’re like most people, you could use a little help with your health. Whether you’re looking to de-stress and relax or resolve your chronic health problems, we’ve got your formula.

Stress and trauma, toxicity and lack of proper nutrition will, if allowed, cause you to lose your health. Our interdisciplinary team of practitioners unite the timeless and the current, well proven wisdom and state of the art technology to help you get well. But we don’t stop there. We teach you what you need to keep everything we give you, and stay healthy.
You would imagine, what with all the focus on health in our world that the ever-expanding amount of information available would have enhanced our health - but just the opposite has occurred. Our health and our health care system are laboring, or failing.

We’re out to change that. Our mission is to help as many individuals, like you, as we can, find the road back to health, vitality and peacefulness.





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