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What signs indicate that home care may be helpful to someone experiencing memory loss or dementia?

The usual indications for home care are when the family caregiver is no longer able to care for themselves due to the constant care demands of their loved one. Other indications are when the family is having difficulty handling behavioral outbursts, maintaining their loved one's personal dignity, or managing the physical demands of transfers.

What are the benefits to using a home care company versus managing care on your own?

Caring for someone with dementia feels like a never-ending day. By using a professional company, the person with dementia benefits from professional input and training, and the family caregivers have a safety net of respite relief with the professionals.

140219 thesprings058How are CaraVita caregivers trained to comfort and support dementia patients?

All our caregivers take The Virtual Dementia Tour by Second Wind Dreams, an eight-minute experience that simulates having dementia. By using this experiential approach, the caregiver is uniquely prepared to empathize and assist someone with dementia.

Our training also addresses the following six areas: dementia's effects on brain function, the stages of dementia, how to prompt a person with dementia to complete everyday tasks, how to recognize dementia-related behavioral changes, how to organize a functional schedule for the patient, and how to maximize interactions by getting to know the person's life story. This training helps caregivers aid the person with dementia in performing daily activities and engaging in favorite pastimes.

What qualifications do CaraVita caregivers possess?

I always say you cannot train a heart. We hire those who have a heart for caregiving, are empathetic and are certified nursing assistants. If they are not certified, we offer our CaraVita Academy, which is a state-licensed C.N.A. training site, and eight hours of dementia training and coaching.

How does a daily routine benefit those with dementia?

A reliable routine minimizes the wandering and anxiety associated with short term memory loss. CaraVita caregivers help their clients through a functional schedule that includes waking at a time they desire, moving through old routines of dressing, eating, personal care, enjoying favorite pastimes and winding down with regular routines prior to bed.

What resources are available to both family members and dementia patients?

CaraVita has monthly Dementia Training classes, and we offer the services of a Dementia Specialist, geriatric care manager, nurses, therapists and social workers. Our website, the Georgia Alzheimer's Association and Alz.org are also great resources.



Beth Cayce
CaraVita Home Care

For the past 15 years, Beth Cayce has been providing in-home care to more than 16,000 seniors throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Cayce's vision in founding CaraVita Home Care was to utilize the strengths of a seasoned health care team to coach in-home caregivers and families in best practices of senior care. Her team of geriatric care managers, nurses, therapists, a social worker, and dementia specialist not only provide support to CaraVita's 200 in-home caregivers, but also provide consulting and management services to regional senior living communities. For this work, Cayce was awarded a Life Time Achievement/Leadership award
by GSLA.

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