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Hormone imbalances can affect women throughout their lives, from painful menstruation and infertility to menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and weight gain. Certain cancers and osteoporosis can also be attributed to hormone imbalances. It is important to understand the physiology of how hormones interact to maintain a fine balance within the body.

What makes your Hormone Balancing Program unique?

When it comes to properly balancing hormones you have to evaluate the entire array of hormone levels to determine the root cause of the imbalance. Hormone levels are constantly changing throughout the female cycle, and therefore the typical blood sample test only shows a snapshot of the hormone levels, not the entire spectrum. I employ saliva testing rather than blood samples which allows for samples to be taken every three days throughout the course of the cycle. The samples are taken by the patient conveniently in the comfort of her own home and there are no needles or lab visits. Saliva testing gives the most accurate depiction of when and where the hormone imbalances occur so that a program can be tailored to each patient's needs.

What can I expect once the results have been obtained?

Once the results have been obtained I do a comprehensive review of the findings and then have a detailed consultation with the patient to explain the results and give recommendations on how to correct any hormone imbalances.

How do you correct hormone imbalances?

Each case is unique and depending on the individual needs of each patient I recommend specific natural supplements to correct the hormone imbalances I don't believe in utilizing estrogen replacement unless absolutely necessary, and find that most cases do not require "replacement". If I do recommend estrogen enhancement I use all natural estrogen pellets which are taken sublingually in small doses to limit the side effects.


How do I know if I have low testosterone?

Symptoms related to low testosterone are vastly different than those of women with hormone deficiencies and are much more subtle. Physical signs such as increased belly fat and decreased muscle tone typically arise long before any decrease in libido. Health risks related to low testosterone include elevated blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels. Chronic fatigue and lack of mental focus are also early signs of low testosterone.

How can you increase low testosterone naturally?

To accurately correct a testosterone deficiency I have to see the levels of all the hormones involved in the production of testosterone. I utilize saliva testing because it tests all of the hormones involved and allows a more accurate picture as to the cause of the problem. I have never supplemented testosterone, I always correct the underlying problem which causes the deficiency. This may involve natural supplementation, change in diet, lifestyle changes and exercise.

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Dr. Robert W. Toth is National Board certified and has been leading a multi-specialty healthcare practice for 13 years. He has served as team Chiropractor for the Atlanta Silverbacks and the Georgia State football team.