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Jennifer Rooke, MD, MPH, FACOEM, FACPM Jennifer Rooke, MD, MPH, FACOEM, FACPM

Introducing Lifestyle Medicine


atllifestylemed1Lifestyle Medicine is a new approach to health care that uses scientific evidence-based lifestyle interventions such as optimal nutrition, exercise and stress management to treat lifestyle diseases, alone or with other medical treatments depending on the patient's needs.

Lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are the most common causes of suffering and death worldwide.  These diseases are also known as "chronic diseases" from the Latin word chronos which means time. Chronic
atllifestylemed2diseases take a long time of poor lifestyle habits to develop and will last for a long time without comprehensive lifestyle changes.

The term "lifestyle" refers to an individual's personal habits, and reflects their attitudes, social values and self concept.  This term is much more useful because it highlights the role of personal behavior choices in the prevention and reversal of these diseases.

Lifestyle Medicine is not alternative medicine; it is an expansion of clinical preventive medicine.  Clinical preventive medicine is the branch of medicine that involves vaccines for prevention and screening to detect the early stages of disease.  There are no vaccines for lifestyle diseases and no magic catllifestylemed3ures, but lifestyle changes can make current treatments more effective and in most
cases completely reverse disease progression.

Atlanta Lifestyle Medicine was established to treat the underlying causes of lifestyle diseases and prevent development of new diseases. Lifestyle medicine does not replace your primary care physician or medical specialists; we support and enhance the effectiveness of your current medical care.

The core services offered by Atlanta Lifestyle Medicine are:

  • Consultation with a Preventive Medicine/Lifestyle Medicine Specialist
  • Follow-up medical visits to monitor progression towards your health goals
  • Screening for high risk patients
  • atllifestylemed4Personalized lifestyle change plans
  • Personalized health and lifestyle coaching to achieve your health goals
  • Health Maintenance Club membership once your health goals are achieved

Additional services:

  • Meal preparation events
  • Supermarket tours
  • Kitchen reorganization home visits
  • Personal chef services
  • Seminars and events

Our Lifestyle Coaching program is scheduled in monthly modules of 4-5 sessions.
Each weekly session lasts 2 hours and focuses on one of the following key areas.

  • Optimum nutrition
  • Exercise/fitness
  • Stress management/ relaxation techniques
  • Life skills/relationships
  • Strengthening mindfulness to overcome unhealthy lifestyle habits

Each 2-hour lifestyle coaching session is personalized to meet the needs of participants. 
They generally include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga/relaxation techniques
  • Mindfulness training
  • Nutrition education/food tasting or hands-on demonstrations
  • Progress assessments

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