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Naturopathic Care Leads to Vitality

Naturopathic Care Leads to Vitality

Debra MacIntyre, ND, caught the health care bug decades ago when her exercise program freed a client from their blood pressure medication. "I knew I had found my purpose in life: to help people regain their health," says MacIntyre. So she ditched the fitness industry and decided to pursue nutrition and naturopathy.

Her passion for helping and healing people holistically, along with the entrepreneurial tug she'd always felt, led her to open her own practice, Natural Health Solutions. Her practice, which specializes in homeopathy, has helped patients remove toxins from their bodies, relieved ailments traditional medicine just can't figure out and more. She's even found an anti-aging treatment that doesn't involve needles or tongue-twister product names – imagine that!

Photo-01After 20 plus years of treating clients and two back-to-back "Best of" awards since opening in 1994, MacIntyre now feels the time is right to transition Natural Health Solutions into Vitality Project. Even though her practice's name is changing, her goal to heal patients from the inside out remains the same.

MacIntyre and her team have helped countless patients restore their health with a free consultation, in which they share their goals, followed by a custom program to make those goals a reality. Programs incorporate lifestyle tweaks, some detoxification and a sprinkle of supplementation here and there. Patients aren't in it alone, though – the team is there every step of the way. "We are partners in helping them to achieve their goals. This is not just a job to anyone in our clinic," says MacIntyre.

She hopes that the new Vitality Project name will reinforce the longstanding passion behind the practice's purpose, to help patients to live, grow and develop into their best self.

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