Oral Health
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The importance of oral health

The importance of oral health

What made you want to pursue a career in cosmetic dentistry?
When I was a dental hygienist back in the early 80s, we were not able to whiten teeth yet. I remember thinking to myself, if we could whiten teeth and artistically recreate beautiful smiles, it would change dentistry for the better. I went back to dental school in 1987 not only to become a dentist, but a cosmetic dentist. There is nothing more rewarding than a patient walking in the office who isn’t necessarily happy to smile and see them leave with a grin from ear to ear.

What was your vision for Atlanta Smiles when you opened the practice?
We strive to be a quaint, private office where we create true relationships with our patients in an environment that improves their oral and physical health. We are now seeing third generations with our patients!

How has the practice evolved over the years?
The addition of Dr. Kovitch has been a blessing, and practicing with another doctor in the office is very enjoyable for both our patients and me. We also established The Atlanta Smiles Foundation in 2006, allowing us to treat survivors of domestic abuse. We provided over $80,000 in pro-bono dentistry this past year and are still going strong!

How do you incorporate health and wellness into your work?
Wellness is my life and always has been, so it’s easy for me to walk the walk. Here at Atlanta Smiles, we do as much as we can to promote overall health, keeping in mind the convenience of having it all available at one location. We provide oral cancer and blood pressure screenings, nutritional counseling, JuicePlus and fitness recommendations; adjacent to us is chiropractic care and bio-identical hormone therapy. Having these resources in one location is ideal and convenient – it’s a one-stop-shop with professionals that I trust.

How does good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle contribute to a healthy smile?
It is known that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but we often forget the mouth is the window to your body. The oral cavity is a huge indicator to health – gum inflammation is a precursor and indicator to several system diseases.

What is the best advice you give your patients?
Simply put, take care of your teeth and be aware that whole food is the best medicine for your body.


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