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A Story of Organ Donation

Organ Donation.  Those two words offer hope to thousands of Georgians currently waiting for a life-saving transplant.  There are over 112, 000 Americans waiting for a transplant; more than 3,400 of those waiting are our neighbors in Georgia.

The need for organ donors is greater in multicultural communities; the number of minorities added to the transplant waiting list continues to increase at an escalating rate.  Many of the conditions leading to the need for a transplant, such as diabetes and hypertension occur with greater frequency among minority populations.

The need is great, but the number of minorities that have registered themselves as organ donors is significantly lower.

A study completed by Donate Life America found that 25 percent of people in multicultural communities falsely believe that doctors will not try as hard to save their lives in an emergency if they know they are registered donors.  The facts are that doctors and nurses will do everything they can to save your life; you are never too old to donate and you can have an open casket funeral if you donate your organs.

Multicultural communities have the power to give life to thousands by saying "yes" to organ and tissue donation.  Currently, more than four million Georgians have designated their decision to be a life-saving organ and tissue donor on the Donate Life Georgia donor registry at  One person has the potential to save up to 60 people.

Jennifer Shi is one of those people.  Jennifer, a cardiologist, did what any physician would do for a patient with exhaustion:  she performed an echocardiogram; Jennifer’s situation was exceptional, because she performed the test on herself.  What she saw began a terrifying journey.  Doctors determined her heart was too damaged to pump on its own and implanted a device to keep it beating.  Long term, however, they knew she would only survive if she received a transplant.  Just two weeks later, she received her gift of life.  "My transplant has allowed me to appreciate life a new way," Jennifer explains.  "I am more aware of all the good in people and the world."

Organ donation provides the gift of life to more than 25,000 people each year through heart, kidney, lung, liver, pancreas or intestine transplants and hundreds more are helped through life-enhancing tissue transplants.  Without the generosity of organ donors and their families, those waiting will die.

Everyone is encouraged to make a decision about organ and tissue donation and to share their decision with family and friends.  Signing up to be a donor is simple and takes 30 seconds by visiting

LifeLink of Georgia is the non-profit organ and tissue recovery organization in Georgia.  As a member of the non-profit statewide coalition to increase donation, Donate Life Georgia, LifeLink is dedicated to empowering the public to save and enhance lives through organ and tissue donation.  Learn more about organ and tissue donation and register to be an organ donor at

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