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Get Energized with Pilates

It happened for me in one simple breath. At one of my first Pilates Teacher Training workshops, I rolled off the cylindrical foam roller for the first time and landed on my mat. My body melted into a relaxation unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I began to notice subtle sensations moving through me. Some felt like pulsations moving through my blood. Some were like waves of warm water washing over my body. I remember liking the feeling. Nothing else mattered in that moment. The whole world disappeared and I was the world all at the same time. This was something very new for me, and it was my little secret at first. Not because I didn’t want to tell others about it, but rather because I didn’t know how to describe the feeling and I really didn’t know if anyone else would care. I had been teaching Pilates for about a year by that time, so I told a few clients about my secret and attempted to guide them into this mysterious yummy surrender. Sometimes it worked for them. Sometimes it didn’t. It was like an itch that I couldn’t quite scratch.

Best-Self-6It’s been 16 years since that Pilates experience and I’ve had many more since then. Pilates is an excellent way to strengthen and stretch your body. When your done, your body feels like you’ve had a massage. Enjoy.

Besides being the name of my business, body awareness is a term that defines the pathway toward self-acceptance and true love. The action steps that take you on the journey inward and onto that pathway are simple, but they can be hard to choose. They require aligning your physical body with Earth and Heaven, being willing to feel your emotions fully even when it hurts, focusing your thoughts with pure intentions, and consciously choosing when to take action and when to wait for life to unfold naturally. You were born with all of this information available to you, but it takes focus and technique to put the knowledge to transformative use.

Aligning the Body

Pilates-MatBecome aware of your posture as you move through this gravitational world. Your posture influences your state of being. When your bones and spine are aligned properly, you will have less compression on your joints and your muscles will function with ease and grace. The energy that moves through your meridians will flow like rivers and your vital organs will receive the nutrients that they are thirsty for. Your body needs good food, clean water, exercise and rest to thrive on this Earth. Learn to listen to your body and tend to it as a sacred temple. Love and appreciate your body, and the earth will feel your intention. She will align with your health. Your body is directly connected to the planet. Every step you take to benefit the planet will support your own well-being.

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Leslie Clayton is passionate about helping women find strength, balance and beauty. With more than 30 years of dance and exercise training, she uses physical and metaphysical exercises to assist her clients with body awareness. Leslie founded the first Pilates studio in Atlanta in 1993. Body Awareness Studio is currently the Georgia host site for Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training. Leslie combines her compassion and expertise to develop conscious Pilates instructors. Leslie is also a Creation Life Coach with Natural Rhythms Institute and is committed to guiding people into their heart to use Divine Love to transform their lives. BodyAwarenessStudio.com, BalancedBody.com, NaturalRhthyms.org

BOOK-COVERExperts from “Nature’s Success System” Secrets to Energize your Health, Wealth & Passion with the Feminine Power of Creation by Lisa Michaels, Leslie Clayton and 7 other women. New Book to be released this Fall. www.naturalrhythms.org 
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