Prostate Cancer
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James Benton, MD James Benton, MD President of RCOG Physicians’ Group

Know your options. Get a second opinion.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer mortality in men behind lung cancer.  It is a disease which affects 1 in 6 men in their lifetime, but it is also one which is almost 100 percent curable when caught early.

The time after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer can be a confusing and frightening process.  It is a time when you should try to learn all you can about the disease, and of course, a time when you must weigh all your options and learn about all your treatment choices.  Because treatments vary and success rates vary, it is important to find the right treatment for you.  Often, many people seek the knowledge and advice of more than one doctor.  This is called a second opinion. 

A second opinion is the result of a patient or family member who seeks to validate a physician’s recommendation for treatment.  Sometimes the second opinion is sought on the advice and recommendation of the first physician, and sometimes the opinion is sought without the first physician’s awareness.  In either case, the patient or family member is usually seeking a different perspective for a variety of reasons or attempting to validate the first opinion.

Asking for a second opinion is common practice and most insurance companies will cover the cost; however, it is recommended that you verify with your provider first. 
Some prostate cancers can be very aggressive and present men with a significant health challenge.  The more knowledge you have about your particular diagnosis and the treatment options available, the more comfortable you will be regarding the health care decisions you make.  Second opinions lead to more treatment options and give you comfort, peace of mind and a sense of assurance.  It is important that you feel confident you’ve made the best decision possible with the best available information before deciding on treatment.  Never hesitate to know your options.

Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia (RCOG), a Vantage Oncology affiliate, has earned a reputation for being one of the country’s top cancer treatment and research facilities.  Thousands of individuals from across the country come to Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia to seek a second opinion and learn more about their treatment options following diagnosis.  With a commitment to quality, use of the latest radiation technologies and research focus, RCOG is committed to providing high quality and compassionate care.  Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia is also the exclusive provider of ProstRcision®, a unique technique for curing prostate cancer that uses a combination of pinpoint irradiation through seed implantation and image guided external beam irradiation.  ProstRcision is one of the most reliable and proven modalities in treating prostate cancers, evident by one of the highest cure rates in the world in the over 14,000 men treated over the last 30 years within the RCOG system.

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