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Know the Signs – Are You Having a Stroke?





Strokes occur when blood flow to the brain is compromised, leading to the death of brain tissue. While strokes can be devastating, new medications and other treatments can lead to dramatic recovery, but only if the stroke is identified and treated quickly. The American Stroke Association recommends using the acronym FAST to remember the signs and symptoms of a stroke:

  • F – Facial drooping on one side
  • A – Arm weakness that impairs raising the arm on one side
  • S – Speech difficulty, either impaired speech or difficulty understanding speech
  • T – Time is critical, and anyone with these signs needs to be evaluated immediately for stroke

Traditional "clot-busting" medications had to be used within three hours of the onset of stroke symptoms, which made many patients ineligible for treatment. Newer guidelines and neurointerventional procedures, available at major stroke centers, allow more patients to benefit from improved long-term outcomes.

If you notice yourself or anyone around you experiencing these signs, note the time, call 911 and get to the hospital immediately.

To reduce your risk of having a stroke, be sure to eat well, exercise regularly, don't smoke, and follow up with your primary doctor, watching closely to allow early diagnosis and good control of:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes




Julian Bragg, MD, PHD

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