Venous reflux disease
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Treating Spider Veins: Cosmetic or Medical?

Is the treatment of my spider veins cosmetic or medical?
Most people think those unsightly spider veins on their legs will cost them a fortune to treat, so they decide to just live with it. But if simple activities like standing at a soccer game cause your legs to ache and become so painful that you just want to shake them, this is more than just a cosmetic issue. The discomfort you are feeling is a sign of an underlying issue called venous insufficiency.

What will happen if my venous insufficiency is left untreated?
The condition starts with minor symptoms and small veins, but can lead to large, painful veins and other conditions like full-blown venous disease if not treated early. Don't be fooled into costly cosmetic treatments, because chances are, the veins will continue to come back.

What is the safest (and most cost-effective) way to treat my venous insufficiency?
There is only one way to reduce the appearance and relieve the symptoms, and the best news is that 95 percent of procedures are covered by insurance! So stop throwing money away by treating the same veins over and over. Let us treat it right the first time.



Be proactive about your circulation and prevent further damage to your legs by having them evaluated for venous disease.