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The Posture of Pilates

How does Pilates change your body? It starts and ends with your awareness of your posture and breathing. Let's talk about posture first. While in a standing position, Pilates teaches you how to modify old postural habits that could cause weaknesses or pain in your body. You learn how to stack your bones within the line of gravity that creates good natural muscle tone. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to begin any fitness program. When your body is well aligned within the gravity world, your muscles have a stronger neuromuscular connection. When you’re clear, focused intention is directing your alignment and action, your brain and body get the best results from your Pilates workout. Your posture has a profound effect on your mood and your well being. Did you know that science has proven that the overall health of our emotional and physical states of being is affected by good and bad posture?

As we factor in the spring tension that is used in the Pilates workouts, we can increase the effectiveness of all those postural muscle connections. The springs create a closed chain system that makes it easier to retrain the brain with the movements.

I love seeing how quickly the body can change an old pattern just by giving it the right new information. Just yesterday I was working with a client who I’ve known for many years. She has been on a long path of recovery and healing from some old back injuries. Pilates is one of the many supportive therapies she’s used on her healing journey. We did a few very slow simple movements that helped the right side of her back, hip and foot re-align and find new balance. After many months of therapy her body was ready for the next layer of information. If you’ve never tried Pilates before, I highly recommend starting with private sessions. You will feel so good, you’ll wonder what you’ve been waiting for. If you’re already into your Pilates practice, enjoy.
Remember to slow down sometimes and make sure you're making the good alignment connections while moving. Look for my next article about Pilates and Breathing.













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