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Owning Your Power

What is life coaching, and how is it different from traditional therapy and/or counseling?
Life Coaching typically does not delve into “family of origin” issues.  Instead, the approach is “people are whole and complete as they are.”  Our approach at LifeWorks is such that while people may in fact be “whole.” they may not “fully experience” their wholeness and we feel this is important.  Not only that, whatever they wanted most emotionally in their childhood holds the key to that which they have the greatest potential in contributing to others.  As a result, we go into one’s childhood briefly and then get the student or client to focus on giving the very thing they wanted -- to another.  We call this “flip the coin”, move from the “need base” to the “give base”.  This is extremely empowering and healing.

Who is a good candidate for a career in life coaching?
Candidates typically want to make a difference in the life of another person as well as their own lives. Some have had successful careers that weren’t necessarily fulfilling, and they come to us to achieve more fulfillment both personally and professionally.

What does the LifeWorks School of Coaching curriculum involve?
Our curriculum is “cutting edge technology.”   We start the first class with, and then utilize, the law of attraction priciples throughout the entirety of the course.  This is crucial as we can only attract to us that which matches the same resonance that we are vibrating at.  So at LifeWorks,  we go deeper than most coaching trainings as mentioned earlier.  Our approach is to take the student through the transformational experience and then teach them how to take their clients through this shift in consciousness.  The approach is wholistic, mind, body, and Spirit, so we actually work with enhancing one’s Spiritual connection.  To accomplish this, we teach “inner work processes” which are powerful in their ability to literally shift thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and thus create long lasting results for students and their clients.

What is a LifeWorks Certified Coach (LCC) qualified to do upon completion of the program?
We train our people to be entrepreneurs, and to some, this is a adjunct to their income. By the time our students graduate, they are clear about and in touch with, what clients they want to work with and attract to their practice.  They take classes designed to assist them to generate a Professional practice and in doing so they create a “niche marketing” approach.  As one becomes an expert in a specific field of endeavor and feels confident about the work they do, one tends to attract more clients seeking just that.  Since there are not many job opportunities for coaches, we focus on empowering the student to concentrate on their “unique gift,” their specialty.  This entrepreneurial enhancement approach works well and enables the coach to create their “perfect customer.

Do you yourself have a niche marketing approach to your coaching, and if so what is that?
Absolutely, I work with “fledgling adults,” mainly males predominantly ages 17 to 30 as they are attempting in that most crucial transistion to gain clarity as to their life purpose, their direction, their passion, etc.  Many of these individuals may appear to be floundering, they may have anger issues, drug and/or alcohol issues, etc.  Once they gain clarity as to who they truly are and get about the business of being and doing that, their lives shift enormously.  This is crucial to their development and is missing for many young men who may feel lost without such.  Utilizing my “tried and true Passion/Purpose Process”, I act as a “mentor” and support person for them in a non-authoritarian way that alters their life for the rest of their life.

Farra Allen is the founder and lead facilitator of LifeWorks School of Coaching.

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