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Get To Your Goals

Life coaching offers you a fresh new way of looking at things—a new perspective to consider that may open up expanded possibilities. Rather than giving advice, a trained coach asks questions that may have you consider new ways of looking at the same situation.

If you are focused on attaining a goal, whatever it may be, consider looking at it from a differing point of view so you can figure out how to accomplish it. Ask yourself these questions:

• Can you accept yourself where you are now? Could you start moving towards loving yourself just as you are?

Can you imagine your life with your goals attained? How does it feel? Could you find ways to keep feeling better now?

What is your strategic plan of action to accomplish your goal? Are you committed to following this plan explicitly? If you deviate temporarily, can you get back on track?

Since this is a process, can you trust life’s timing, expedite getting back to loving yourself and stay positively persistent?

Write down and try to experience your results now, even though time hasn’t quite “caught up” yet.

    Accountability is key in achieving any goal. To help you with this, find a committed listener, someone who will hold you accountable for your decisions. Also consider hiring a trained life coach. A LifeWorks Certified Coach (L.C.C.), for example, is trained to discover emotional and subconscious blocks. This is important, since over the course of our lives, we encounter a myriad of life experiences. With each one, we have a certain interpretation about ourselves. This gets filed away in our subconscious mind, and the “wiring” has to be reprogrammed in order to break the pattern and unlock the blockages. So be sure to seek the help you need to allow you to go after your goals in a healthy way for a successful outcome.


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