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Take the stress out of travel wardrobe prep

Your Packing Success Kit

Have you ever been on a trip with someone you swear packed the entire closet? Do you always seem to forget something because you didn’t know or couldn’t decide what to take? Travel season is in high gear, and with current restrictions, you may find that you have added stress just trying to pack for your trip.

Whether you’re planning an extended vacation or just a weekend getaway, the rules are the same when planning your wardrobe—create vignettes, capsules or ensembles, and remember these words: core color and signature color. This will make your travel style effortless.

Core color is a solid neutral base upon which to build your looks. Signature color is a hue that is your very best. It makes you look and feel fantastic when you wear it. Working with your core and signature colors will give you the flexibility to change your looks as the day changes.  No, you won’t have your entire closet, but you will be able to put together outfits that will allow you to have a stress-free, worry-free, stylish wardrobe while away. It’s true that less really is more if you assemble from these components.

  • Select 5 pieces in a neutral, solid core color for your foundation. These can be a pair of slacks, a pair of shorts, a jacket, a skirt and a pair of jeans in white or dark denim.
  • Select novelty pieces. Try an outer layering piece like a raincoat or sweater, a white shirt or blouse, a white T-shirt, 5 tops in different styles and colors (¾ length, tank, sleeveless, etc.), a print top, a dress, and a wrap or scarf.
  • Bring a workout or comfortable lounging ensemble.
  • Bring accessories in your signature color (scarves, handbag, necklace, bangles, etc.).
  • Select 3 belts (dressy, casual and trendy).
  • Pack 3-4 pairs of shoes (walking or exercise, dressy, casual flats, sandals or loafers).

Don’t forget to pack sleepwear, lingerie and toiletries. Once you have pulled your wardrobe looks together, you’ll see how easy it is to mix and match your core pieces to create different mood-altering ensembles. Going on a trip longer than 2 weeks? No problem, just add one more great color! No matter what the occasion or where you are going, you will feel appropriately dressed. Add a few accessories and you’ll be set for the evening, too. Change your shoes and be ready for a day of sightseeing. It’s easy, effortless and you’ll look good, feel great and have fun doing it!