Sizzle Up Your Summer with Boot Camp IN The Park
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Heidi Morris, Owner Heidi Morris, Owner

Sizzle Up Your Summer with Boot Camp IN The Park


"You can do anything for 1 minute!"
That's one of my favorite things to say at Boot Camp! Planks, squats, lunges, sit ups, you can do it all for just one minute! While you are in the middle of it, you may think otherwise but I am there to let you know that it IS possible. You can see that, while you are in a group setting with encouraging trainers, that you have the ability to do things that you wouldn't do on your own!

Boot Camp helps you reach your next level of fitness. If you are only able to do 5 sit ups in one minute, by the end of the 6 week session you will be doing SO much more!

Boot Camp is challenging but can also be a lot of fun. I LOVE to exercise but I also get bored easily like many of us do! The key is to change things up.

photo3As a member of Boot Camp in the Park, you will have access to all of the fun adventures that I will be bringing my girls on! I will offer field trips to go biking at the Greenway or the Chattahoochee, we will kayak the Cartecay River & hike Stone Mtn. There are SO many other ways to stay fit on a regular basis too with or without your kids. I have 3 kids & try to include them in most of my activities. My favorites include:

  • Bringing my kids to Lassiter and running bleachers while the kids are throwing the football or doing cart wheels down the 50 yard line. They LOVE this. Occasionally, one of them will come run with me & that helps them realize that fitness can be fun – a very valuable lesson you can teach your kids.
  • Hiking trails in the area without your kids. Leita Thompson is a great example. You can bring your dog, there is a dog park in front of the park & then take a walk on the shady, paved trails after. There is a creek & lake back there. It's hilly & beautiful! My kids love it!
  • Biking the Greenway is something my family has enjoyed doing as well. Load the bikes up & bring the kids to the Greenway. It's shady, flat & also very beautiful. I have brought my boot campers there as well so it can be as challenging as you make it. Very similar to boot camp!
  • Bring your kids to the park while you exercise. You can participate in boot camp and bring a picnic lunch for afterwards. You could fill some water balloons and have a water balloon toss with your kids afterwards! Kids love that & it would be refreshing after your workout!
  • Challenges this summer include the AB challenge in June, Burpees in July & Squats in August. We provide a calendar with the amount you have to do on each day & you will turn yours in at the end of the month. If you complete the calendar, you will be rewarded with a gift certificate to Invigo Day Spa!

Bottom line is Boot camp can be FUN! My goal is to make you realize that fitness in general does not have to be mundane & hopefully I can get you to LOVE exercise as much as I do!
Hope to see you all at Boot Camp!

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Heidi Morris launched Boot Camp In The Park in 2006 due to her beliefs, passion & drive for personal fitness & helping others foresee their goals become a reality. She loves creating a positive environment for everyone & showing each member that exercising can be fun!